Marlon Jackson

Full name: Marlon David Jackson
Date of birth: 12 March, 1957
Children (with Carol Ann Parker): Valencia (1976), Brittny (1978) and Marlon Jr (1981)



Marlon David is born on March 12, 1957. His twin-brother Brandon died within twenty-four hours after birth. In his youth Marlon would have been the closest with his younger brother Michael; there's only one-and-a-half years between them. When Jackie, Tito and Jermaine started to experiment with making music in the early sixties, Marlon linked up with his older brothers soon. Marlon sang and danced, and was responsible for the choreography for the Jackson 5, along with Michael and Jackie. Marlon is a quiet Jackson. It is therefore less known that he (with and without his brothers) has worked behind the scenes on several albums of his sisters. Further Marlon has also produced albums from other artists, and he co-operated on soundtracks.   

At the age of twelve, Marlon meets someone in the street: Carol Ann Parker. He invites her to join him to the hotel, to meet the rest of the family. With big consequences! On August 16th, 1975 Marlon marries Carol Ann in secrecy, and they are the only Jackson couple who are still married on this day. They had three children together: Valencia was born in 1976, in 1978 Brittny Sauntee was born and Marlon Junior was born in 1981. Marlon’s wife, Carol Ann has acted, and she was a well-known model. Marlon diligent helped to promote his wife as a model, by taking Carol Ann everywhere. And talking about acting; Marlon has expressed his wish to act and direct in the future and the eighties this wish was starting to slightly be fulfilled due to a part in the movie The Counselor. Marlon is a spiritual person and he feels blessed with the talent his family has to make people happy and help people all over the word through charitable work.  

After Victory Marlon decided to leave The Jacksons. He was thinking of recording a solo-album for a long time, but Epic postponed it every time. So Marlon decided it was time for new challenges, he released his only solo album Baby Tonight in 1989 with Capitol Records. Nine out of ten songs were written and (co) produced by Marlon himself! His wife Carol can be heard on many songs, and on one song ("Life"), their three children can be heard as well.   

In 2001, Marlon reunited on stage with his brothers to perform two shows for the 35th Anniversary concerts in Madison Square Garden. Marlon boosted with energy on stage, singing and dancing as enthusiastically as during the old days.

Marlon was founder and Executive Board Member of Black Family Channel (MBC Network) but has also left the channel. Marlon works as CEO of Vabritmar Entertainment, a company he’s planning to create 3D animated films with.

Marlon travels in and out of Nigeria, Africa where he is working to build Motherland Resort, a slavery memorial and luxury resort and is participating in agricultural and cultural projects in Equatorial Guinea's.

In 2012, Marlon and his brothers Jackie, Jermaine and Tito reunited to get back on the road with the Unity Tour

Marlon launched the Study Peace Foundation in 2015. 

On Stage

With The Jacksons:

With The Jackson 5:


Marlon contributed vocals for the followig songs: 

This Is It | Michael Jackson, This Is It (2009)

2300 Jackson Street | The Jacksons, 2300 Jackson Street (1989)

We Are The World | USA for Africa (1985)

Respect | Billy Griffin (1983)

All My Love To You | Janet Jackson, Dream Street (1984)

I Promise You | Betty Wright, Wright Back At You (1983)

Love Song | La Toya Jackson, My Special Love (1981)

Baby Tonight (1987)

Baby Tonight
Capitol Records, 1987

1. Don't Go
2. To Get Away
3. When Will You Surrender
4. Lovely Eyes
5. Baby Tonight
6. Something Coming Down
7. Life
8. She Never Cried
9. Talk-2-U
10. Where Do I Stand
11. Everyday Everynight (CD Bonus Track)

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