The Lost Album

The Lost Album
MJJ Music / 550 Music / Epic

3T completed an album in-between Brotherhood (1995) and Identity (2004). Over 20 songs were recorded for the album and only 12 would have been on it. The album however was never released by Sony due to strained relationships between Michael Jackson (3T were signed on his label MJJ Music) and Sony. This album is considered by fans to be The Lost Album.Among the tracks recorded in sessions for the album are:

  • Hey Luv *
  • Lost In Your Love
  • Till We Meet Again *
  • Do You Know
  • Black Wednesday
  • Wear That Dress
  • Startin’ Tomorrow (with Tito Jackson)
  • I Love You
  • You Turned Your Back On Me
  • Maybeline
  • Words Of Love 
  • I’m So Alone **
  • Alright
  • When I Look In Your Eyes
  • Lost In Your Love

A release of the songs may happen in the future.

* “Hey Luv” and “’Til We Meet Again” are featured on a rare 1998 MJJ Music Workstock 3 sampler CD. Other music on the disc are songs from MJJ Music artists Tatyana Ali, Men of Vizion and No Authority. The caption on the sleeve reads first single from upccoming sophomore album “3T” for “Hey Luv” and possible second single from sophomore album “3T” for “’Til We Meet Again .

** “I’m So Alone” was featured on a Sony Music Artists promo CD in 1998.